A large beauty brand wanted help in setting a new course for their in-store experience in a world of beauty apps, blogs and digital cohorts.  


We mashed up 3 different inputs: one, shopper research we conducted using mobile phone diaries and social media outreach; two, a benchmark study we conducted internationally to identify beauty experiences and interactions that were resonating most highly with women; and a deep dive into the client’s newly refined brand strategy and commercial objectives.  

We facilitated a session with the client’s key stakeholders along with our research, strategy and design team.  

The inputs served to inspire and focus the team and we crafted a new strategy, which our team then translated into visualizations.  


Total Time 10 weeks 

Shopper Research > Planning Facilitation > Innovation Strategy > Experiential Design Guide


The experiential design guide serves as a directional reference for design partners and for the client’s internal teams to assure brand consistency. 



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