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A large CPG wanted a point-of-view on center store transformation in order to maintain share and sphere of influence.  


We found that the client had sufficient research so we focused on analyzing and synthesizing it into a new vision for center store. 

Our research team dug deep into the research and worked hand-in-hand with our designers to translate insights into new layouts, experiences, store pickup models and digital shopping tools. We also developed an Insights Guide that clarified the principles for success in center store. 


The emphasis of the work was to expand the definition of convenience to help grocery chains use their size and scale in a way that made life easier for consumers. We were well ahead of the curve in bringing ideas to retailers that anticipated a much more digital world that demanded less friction and just the right amount of differentiated experience.   


Total Time 8 weeks 

Innovation Strategy > Experience Design > Insights Guide


The CPG company re-gained a seat at the planning table and drove back losses in skus and space.  




Drove back SKU and Space losses

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