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Our client continues to use the innovation strategy as a key tool in retailer partnerships. They have earned multiple new skus and gained additional store space, while additionally maintaining a seat at the table of category and total store planning. 

Earned multiple new skus


Gained additional store space



We dug in to find the client had lots of existing research that had not been leveraged so we focused on teasing out new insights, creating an innovation strategy, designing new experiences and crafting a sell-in package. 

Perhaps most importantly, with the client’s permission we reframed the opportunity, from a design solution for the category, to a total store beverage strategy that would put the client in the position of a consultant as opposed to a vendor. 

Then we synthesized our client’s existing shopper research, including some interesting work on beverage/food pairing, and injected our knowledge of global trends, to generate new insights to inspire/inform the innovation process. 

This was translated into a design strategy that offered 3 unique platforms for adoption by retailers. We created new experiences that expressed each platform at various touch-points around the store, and showed how all the pieces worked together to help establish something unique and ownable for the retailer. 

We assisted the client in gaining buy-in and excitement with internal stakeholders, then packaged a clear and compelling presentation for retailers that connected the dots between the size of the prize; the key consumer, shopper and competitive insights; the platforms and how they would be expressed; and a path forward including design tailoring and specific plans for market testing. 




Major CPG wanted a retail design solution that would improve beverage category performance and enhance their relationship value with retailers. 


Total Time 12 weeks 

Research Analysis > Innovation Strategy > Experience Design > Sell-In

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