Challenger brand wanted to capture more attention from shoppers and retailers in order to garner more space and sales. 


We were early movers in applying AI to sense shopper behavior and personalize the experience.  We created high engagement spaces that inspired shoppers to interact with the products in a multi-sensory way.  Shoppers were invited to trial the most compelling aspects of the product suite, opening and closing doors, seeing products in action, tangibly experiencing end results.  

For retailer meetings, we developed a digital representation of the shopper and store associate experience and linked it back to insights and financial win.  We assisted the client in sell-in to several retailers. 


Total Time 8 weeks 

Innovation Strategy > Experience Design > Sell-In


Several prototype stores are in market testing, while our client has earned a seat at the table with senior retailer leadership and store planning. 

Expanded prototype store tests 



retailer attention