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Meet the team

"I'm known as an expert orchestrator of teams, a rapid synthesizer of insights and ideas, and a powerful communicator capable of driving innovation to reality."

Orchestration, Speed to Market and Sell-In Bruce Vierck 

"I can help you understand changing human behavior around the globe and identify products, services and experiences that will resonate with consumers and give you market advantage.  "

Human-centered Research

Shilpi Kumar/Khoj Lab

"In leadership roles at Sephora, Gap, Old Navy and Papyrus, I operationalized new retail experiences to assure ROI and customer loyalty. "

Retail Branding & Store Operations Ruth Ann Gonzales

"I'm a zealous Marketing Warrior and New Product Mastermind who takes no prisoners,  turbo-charging big ideas into breakthrough products."

Fast-track New Product Development Ann Hanson

"I can turn your digital communications into engaging and persuasive stories."

Digital Communications Design Parag Naketar/Studio Vitamin D

"Clients call me a prolific creative thinker who can grab hold of insights and market trends and turn them into surprising ideas, concepts, and business opportunities." 


Retail Experience Design

R Jamie Apel

"I can help you develop ahead-of-the-curve digital experiences that create connections between physical and virtual worlds and between engagement and sales"

Digital Experience Design,  Rob Schulkins

"I'm a board member of 8 privately held companies, and I can use my 25 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Project/ Product 

Management, Sales Channels and Fundraising to help your business thrive. ."

Business Start-Up and Strategy - Brazil Market

Bernardo Hiragami/

B88 Business Advisory

"With years of experience as a Director of FedEx Operations, I can help you optimize your pickup-return touch-points and "last mile" logistics. "

Pickup/Return, Locker Automation and "Last Mile" Logistics  Marc Tate

"Having led product and service development efforts at both corporate and entrepreneurial environments, I can assist clients establish their optimum go-to-market strategies."

Business Strategy, US Market

Bennett Hirsch

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