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A challenger brand wanted to define a strategy for differentiating from the major brands, across multiple regions and physical touch-points. 


We started with a deep dive into the parent company’s brand strategy and point of difference, then conducted site research across mass merchants, sporting goods retailers, and golf/ basketball/ baseball/ football independents.  We then developed a design language and examples of the types of interactions that would support the brand message and bring it to life in physical spaces.  We also dug deep into each sport to clarify the hierarchies of presentation and communication.  


Different merchandising tools were developed for each sport, with a clear design connection across the portfolio. We then developed a design playbook for internal stakeholders to use with retailers that connected insights about each sport’s players and the merchandising recommendations.  Importantly, the merchandising tools encompassed recommendations for assisted and self-serve environments, which aided in gaining retailer buy-in.  


Total Time 16 weeks 

Shopper Research > Innovation Strategy > Experience Design > Sell-In


The brand leap-frogged bigger brands in their sphere of influence with multiple retailers and gained placement of shop-in-shops and merchandising tools that have driven increased sales.   



share of influence

Increased sales

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