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Home Improvement brand wanted to reverse losses of store space to competitors. 


We conducted research on shoppers and translated key insights into a category reinvention that connected the dots between at-home and in-store behaviors. We helped our brand client use the intellectual capital of the reinvention to gain back share.   

We employed mobile phone diaries and in-depth interviews to capture barriers and areas of opportunity in the shopping process. New digital tools were developed for at-home use to accelerate the buying process and connect directly into the in-store experience. We redesigned the shopping experience to drive simplicity into the selection of a large, infrequent purchase while also adding much more “touch and feel” to build shopper comfort and confidence. The tools served double duty, as they aided shoppers while also helping store associates feel more competent. 

The new category experience was assembled in a now/next/future format to clarify the go-to-market portfolio and to guide investment strategy. 


Several aspects of the reinvention have been activated, particularly in the focus on integrated tools to connect inspiration/project planning with visualization/validation.  Our client recaptured lost share and continues to use the assets in all top-to-top planning meetings.  

Recaptured lost share


Total Time 14 weeks 

Shopper Research > Innovation Strategy > Experience Design > Sell-In

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